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Aaron Hutchinson

Investment Advisor Representative

Managing Partner

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About Me

By the time I had reached the end of middle school, I had saved $8,000 from a neighborhood lawn mowing business, I had started.

My dad had made me save just about all of it. Causing many fights along the way.

With that money, I was able to invest in the Ford stock. As it had hit near bottom lows in the early 2000’s.

After about five years my money had more than doubled! As a young man it was a gratified moment in my early life. Finally understanding my dad’s priority with saving.

But that sparked my lifelong passion for investing, and the financial industry that is still burning bright today.

My 10 plus years of business experience includes:

Serving in the United States Marine Corps as a Bulk Fuel Lineman.

Started as a Retirement Specialist with Peak American Financial, along the way obtaining my Series 65 License.

Helping start a RIA that has now helped over sixty eight couples with their retirement needs.

What I’ve realized over this time, is my passion and love for inspiring people to live a meaningful and financially sufficient life.


Core Values








Daily, never stop

Always, no exceptions

Things happen, be mentally and emotionally strong and courageous

No finish line; an aspiration, not a destination

To everyone

Leads to freedom

Walking my dogs. I have a German Shepard, and a Pitbull Lab mix.

One of my favorite things to do is spend time with my family. My wife and I have two beautiful daughters.

  • I’m a travel junkie. Cruises being a big favorite of mine.

  • I read 1-2 books a month on various subjects.

  • I have an obsession with grilled cheese sandwiches.

  • Wine is my guilty pleasure.

  • I am especially fond of the ocean, and anything tropical.

  • Gardening fascinates me. I have a large garden that supplies a lot of our home with fresh fruits and vegetables.

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