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5 Reasons to Have an Estate Plan:

1. We don't know what tomorrow brings
2. Choose who oversees your finances and medical decisions if you are sick or disabled
3. Reduces and/or eliminates the costly, public, and time consuming process of probate
4. Ensures your wishes are fulfilled after death
5. Provides peace of mind and reduces stress on your family

Without an estate plan, your estate could be subject to probate - an expensive, time consuming and public court proceeding. 

Typically, an estate plan is expensive, requiring multiple appointments with an attorney, and plans are overly complex and confusing.

Estate Planning with DHL Wealth Management changes everything!
We partner with a nationwide network of estate planning attorney's that allows you to protect your family with a quality, customizable estate plan at an affordable price. 

**DHL Wealth Management's advisors are not licensed to provide legal advice. We are partnered with a group of local attorneys who provide this advice. 

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